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Leading through digital business ecosystems

Thought leaders invest in digital business ecosystems as they have recognized that dynamic business networks are key to success.

Digital ecosystems permit innovation within self-definable guidelines. Your customer journey is expanded, individualized and creates an enhanced added value. Furthermore operating and development costs can significantely be reduced.

Successful digital business ecosystems pursue holistic solutions and avoid falling into the trap of silo thinking.
We analyze processes in detail without losing sight of the big picture. The service layer core-chain stands for innovation, interaction and end-to-end solutions.

core-chain is a full stack distributed middleware service layer.
In a digital business ecosystem with microservices and open API standards you can easily connect your legacy systems to the core-chain and enhance your services with blockchain capabilities.

Generate added value to your service chain and build a reliable business ecosystem with your  customers and partners. Our bimodal architecture allows you to smoothly operate new services integrated into your existing infrastructure.

Solutions overview

DIVO - digital governance and voting

corporate governance, elections and e-voting

DIVO corporate governance, elections, e-voting and meetings