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Digitization of documents

From paper-based filing systems to revision-capable digital archives

DISCO (Document signing with core-chain) is the modern and secure way to handle documents. With DISCO you digitize documents such as contracts, invoices, receipts or any other document. Digital signatures and comments can be added to each individual process step and attached to the document. The entire lifecycle of each single document is seamlessly documented from receipt to filing and stored in an audit-proof manner.


  • Can be used for any type of document
  • User-definable documents Process flows
  • User-definable regulation of signature authorization including different priority of rights
  • Documents immutable saved in the blockchain (document hash, signature)
  • Optional: encrypted and decentralized storage location for your documents
  • Optional: OCR Optical Character Recognition (optical recognition and extraction of characters)



Digitize documents

Create editable versions

  • Just scan documents
  • Store in highly secure server memory
  • Catalogable overviews and processes
  • Automatic name convention


Delegate and sign

Document flow management including digital signatures

  • Signature authorization with hierarchy levels
  • Flexible adaptation of document workflows to requirements
  • Signatures and tasks can be delegated to employees, partners or customers
  • legally recognised signatures

Audit-compliant storage

State-of-the-art data storage for documents

  • Save documents as PDF A ready for auditing
  • Reports of all work steps attached to each document
  • all documents highly secure encrypted
  • Synchronizable memory
  • Storage in Swiss TIER IV Datacenter (ISO 27001)


application examples

DISCO stands for modern and efficient document management. From bug-free and clear storage to complex document process flows and data lifecycle management.

Trustees and real estate managers

Secure document exchange with clients

  • Invoice documents
  • Receipts
  • Contracts / orders
  • Maintenance and Service management
  • Audit-compliant storage
  • Access management and roles

Financial institutions and financial intermediaries

Secure exchange of documents

  • Streamline KYC processes
  • Secure document exchange in a closed system
  • Waterproof audit for digitized assets
  • Exchange of information on Article 10 of the Money Laundering Ordinance


Simplification of administration

  • Easy processing of collective invoices
  • Automate parts of the accounting process
  • Audit-compliant document storage
  • Minimize value added tax claims

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