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Your strategic digital transformation partner

We put core business functions on the blockchain - board meeting decisions, audit proof storage of receipts including digital signatures, tracking, task management and automated fee settlements of employees and freelance workers and more - to streamline digital transformation.

Our mission is to help organizations leverage distributed systems at scale, while maintaining centralized control critical to executive leadership. As the world becomes more decentralized, particularly in light of covid-19, core-chain is your strategic partner for digital transformation.

Problem Set-up

Our team of experienced business strategists and technologists understands that there is no single solution to complex problems. Yet centralized organizations all face similar challenges, particularly when leadership teams cannot physically meet and most employees work remotely.

Zoom calls and email threads are not enough to track, verify, and hold individuals accountable. 80-90% of information gets lost. Decisions forgotten. Organizations need a system that is secure, reliable and easy to use.

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Our modular software is designed to streamline the digital transformation of centralized organizations.


digital voting

Legally binding votes and decisions

  • Digial Shareholder register
  • Biometric Identification
  • Voting results and reporting
  • Guided live-meetings
  • Secure integrated video conference

Areas of application

  • General Assemblies
  • Board of Directors, Executive & Team Meetings
  • Board of Foundations Meetings
  • Association Meetings


digital document signatures

Document flow process, sharing and signing

  • Digital signatures
  • Delegate responsibilities (flow designer)
  • Auditable track and trace
  • Full document life cycle and archiving

Areas of application

  • Document exchange (B2B, B2C)
  • Accounting (managing invoices)
  • Collective filing for receipts
  • Contracts management

core-chain is your strategic partner for a distributed future. 



We believe covid-19 is accelerating trends in digital transformation. What many executives experience as a need for temporary solutions is likely to become the “new normal.”